The Salty Daughter

Welcome to the Salty Daughter, a newly-renovated beach bungalow just 360 yards from the most beautiful part of Nantasket Beach, recently featured on Magnolia Network.

The house is a true gem full of character and fun amenities like magical outdoor dining spaces, curated record and book collections, a dreamy children's room with double bunks and an airy, bright aesthetic perfect for vacation.

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Nestled in Kenberma village two streets from the beach, the house is a block and a half walk from ice cream, restaurants, groceries and shops and a short bike ride from the Paragon Boardwalk. The house can comfortably accommodate one large family or two small families wishing to vacation together with some space and privacy on different floors. 

Why the "Salty Daughter"?

Why “the Salty Daughter?” I struggled for a while to think of a name for this sweet little beach house brimming with personality. I wanted it to have meaning and honor the relationship I had with my dad - who loved that I was his spirited, sassy, salty daughter. I also purchased the house with the dream of passing it on to my own daughters, Daisy and Ella. So, she is The Salty Daughter. I believe the cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea - and that the best women of this world are the gritty, salty kind. May we be them, know them and raise them.

Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation

The Salty Daughter renovation journey began when the house was purchased in August, 2022. Shortly after, the facilitating realtor suggested the house for a popular series called Beachfront Bargain Hunt: Renovation and after one thing led to another, filming began!

You can watch Emily and her mom Pam, a retired luxury interior designer, detail the process of design and renovation in Season 8 Episode 5 which can be found on Magnolia Network, Amazon Prime and YouTube.